1. Know what a Vision Board is

Vision Boards are not mere collages. In the hands of growth-conscious people, they transform into tools for clarity, focus, direction, and productivity in all areas of life and business.

I advocate for vision boards because, from my personal experience, it’s proven to be an extremely useful tool.

I have had over 30 benefits and grown exponentially in the last 6 years since building my first vision board.

These benefits spread across bringing more balance into my life, making me more productive, helping me impact the lives of people, helping me build a legacy that will outlive me when the Lord calls me home, helping me get more intentional in my relationships and my roles as friend, sister, wife, and mother…I honestly should do a separate blog post to share all ‘over 30’ of them with you.

Most people are only able to record the achievement of their goals with vision boards but like me, you can achieve much more.

2. Sieve through all the dreams and pick out the ones that deserve your attention right now

You and I have different desires

We have wishes, hopes, wants, dreams, … and they create passions in us. We come alive, our eyes glitter, we just want it now!

However, not all our desires will take us to our intended destination

The bible says “There is a way that seems right but it’s path leads to destruction”

Every vision is a dream, but not all dreams are visions. This just means that there is a specific type of dream that is strong enough to be called a vision. It’s not every dream that you have that falls in this category.

What you want to find for 2022 is that powerful force that aligns you with your purpose here on earth and translates into fulfillment and satisfaction for you.

If you don’t understand that there are different desires and dreams and each of them acts differently, you’ll pick a fickle feeling to represent it on your board and say you’ve represented your vision.

There’s nothing fickle about vision.

It’s just like not being able to differentiate infatuation from love…

Hmm… you nor go fit drink water drop cup. Lol. The doom that looms, in this case, is always heart-wrenching.

Again, it’s not every desire that you have that will give you fulfillment so you have to learn to be discerning now.

The ones that do the work are called Purpose dreams or Authentic dreams. These are the dreams that are your Vision.

3. Express what you really want with clarity

It’s not enough to know what your authentic dreams and visions are, articulating them with crystal clarity is key.

Clarity is the total absence of confusion concerning a thing.

If I ask you where you live you should be able to tell me without stammering. Why? Because you live there, you’re familiar with the place except you’re transiting or it’s not your house.

Visions can be vague but if you understand that it’s a place where you live in. Then you should be able to describe it. If you cannot describe it as a place you live in, you can start by describing it as a place you aspire to live in.

How much detail do you have about this place?

Stating clearly what your vision is, is not always such a smooth process.

Many people know what they want, but very few people know how to express it in a way that is meaningful, relevant, and engaging to themselves as owners of the vision and to others who can partner with them to make the vision a reality.

Imagine living in poverty and meeting a rich man who wants to help you but you’re not able to mention the one thing that he can do for you that will lift you from that state not temporarily but forever…

Or you know it but you can’t explain…

Please, all those types of behaviours have to stop this year. lol. I want to be friends will millionaires.

One reason why your vision seems to overwhelm you is that you haven’t taken time to take stock of your life to see where and where you need to attend to.

Vision is complex, it has many expressions, and it also pops up in many areas of life at once because your life is multifaceted, it can be like a mystery but it’s your job to demystify it.

Now many people don’t want to look at the other areas because they feel it’s stressful but what is stressful is not having the complete picture of what’s going on in your life.

Imagine a manager not knowing what’s happening in all the nooks and crannies of a business? Then when you have a problem with one team you’ll say please I want to speak to your manager…Lol…Manager wey no sabi nko?

We don’t appreciate those types

So how much do you know about your life?

If you don’t know much, how can you ensure that you’re balanced and organized?

You don’t even have to work on every aspect of your life at the same time however you must know what is deficient and what you need so that as you move along in life if you spot an opportunity that can help solve one of your problems, you can grab it.

Without clarity, you lose opportunities

4. Represent your vision with order

When you see a vision board, you see words pictures, words, texts, colours and so many things going on at the same time.

However, it’s not just any kind of picture that works.

It can sometimes be overwhelming to search magazine after magazine, looking for the perfect picture to represent your vision, Why? Because not just any picture works.

You have to think of what best represents what you have stated and written

Before choosing your picture you’ll also have to visualize it, remember I said it’s a house that you live in? What is that house like? What kind of doors, what kind of windows? You should know.

The pictures and visuals on your board also have to be organized. There must be order. Order helps you stay clear, makes your board look good and helps you process your thoughts, it inspires solutions too.

Some people can’t even look at their board after creating it because it’s not pleasing to look at. No matter how chaotic we are, our brains love order.

Even Art is organized chaos.

And the moment we begin to embrace order, life straightens out.

It’s the same with your board but It’s a psychology that only a few people understand about how the vision board works.

5. Know what to do with your vision board after you create it

Even though the entire process from step 1-4 above are enough to help you actualize some visions with minimum action (because that’s what your newfound clarity can do for you),

Not all your visions will not actualize by themselves.

You have put your board to work.

An example of how to do that is by extracting your goals from your board. You need to know the strategies to make it work.

This is the only way you can account for and maximize your energy

If maximizing your vision board is not important to you, then there’s no point wasting time creating one.


I hope everything I took the time to explain to you today makes sense to you and that it helps you build a different kind of vision board this year.

If you’d like to create your vision board with my guidance, you’re reading this in good time because my online vision board workshop where I not only teach you how but help you create your vision board for 2022 by applying these 5 things is coming up on the 27th of January 2022. If you want to create a vision board that helps you execute your dreams, click here to sign up or through the alternative platform here

If you read this whole thing, you’re an MVP, too many people with short attention spans these days.

Not everything needs to be abbreviated or summarized, some people do need the information to make choices and decisions.



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